Insights from different culture: Incompleteness

   It has been 1 and a half months since i came to Canada. I am still learning many things, but i came to understand a few differences from where i come from, Korea.
   These English descendants have very distinctive characteristic which differentiate pan-English people including UK, North America from others. It is Incompleteness. They don't really have desire for completeness or consistency for efficiency. Rather, they embrace it and are happy about current Inconsistency.
   For example, houses, blogs, laws are set in a incompleteness and there is no desire for completeness. They normally build house with wood, and frequently renovate themselves when they want. They buy construction materials from marts like Home Depot. It took a long time to understand why there are so many BtoC construction material markets. Those houses are not made up of concrete and hard to renovate like Korea. Those are uncomfortable but have individual features and personalized.
   How about blogs. If you see Korean blogs, the main difference is there are always menu or category preselected by owner. However, i haven't seen any kind of menu set in English blogs if i don't deliberately create it with html coding. Rather, they use tags, which changes every time and not preset.
   Laws in English country are in the same page, in that the use negative method. Their default is "don't do this, and anythings fine". However, other continental cultures use positive method. Their law is "do only this". There are preset ways of conduct in none-English culture.
   Experiencing those incompleteness is such an agony. It is just uncomfortable and expensive. Nothing is completely pre-determined, so i have to figure out the way to do it myself, which is completely inefficient in a whole country level. Don't they learn 'division of labor' in economics 101?
   But the thing is i am using English right now and came to North America to learn their culture. They dominate the core intellectual, industrial structures of humankind, yet. I think it is owing to the 'incompleteness' culture. They prefer to make their own meal, even if the taste of it stinks. And don't care what others eat. They don't like completely efficient structure cause it would poke its nose in what they eat. So there is no room to kill the bio-diversity of human characteristics in this kind of culture. Eventually, the incompleteness would succeed in breeding diversity in most times. And diversity makes strong, stable ecosystem according to biology.
   Ironically, they built most resilient and stable social system based on their satisfaction toward incompleteness. And this whole course of advancement stems from one phrase: make your own meal.


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