Future of Corporate America

 One of the reason why i came to north America is based on the belief that America would face goldilocks in next decades. Specifically, i came here to start a business, to share the prosperity with America.
 Of course, economists say China is on the way and US is falling down with enormous federal debt, inequality, sluggish labor productivity and so on. But, it's just their job to worry. The thing is US is still the most capitalistic country in terms of love of money. As Max Weber said 100 years ago, US is still composed of sheer lust for profit. Backed by efficient financial system, most of the money is on its place for next innovation. Companies like Google and Facebook are devouring innovation via M&A and R&D. Most of all, AI supremacy is heavily dominated by US.
 But what i want to talk about is not what they do, it's about where they are in the light of human history. Since 2 years ago, i felt there are fundamental transition ongoing with computational revolution of AI. The distinction of capital(like machine) and labor would be gone in economics textbook. Unlike other machine, unadvised learning machine has learning curve. It means, even if labor is not added, labor productivity would spontaneously diminish as machine becomes skilled itself. So it will be much harder situation for developing countries to catch up with in that they don't have capital, but it's also hard to compensate that with labor. It would be harder as machines learn more. In other words, countries that have enough innovative capital are facing much easier situation to go much farther than guys behind. And on the far front, there is US.
 Other trivial factors would be like following sentences.
1. Fall of Saudi Oil empire by shale oil (though price would be normalized short term)
- resulting end of US's two war strategy and concentrate on containing China with Japan.
- federal deficit settled
2. China would be trapped with shadow banking and debt driven growth. Democracy issue could also occur as people become rich, educated.
3. Absorbing each country's best personnel with its market size, business environment, language. Still, America has the best environment for studying, researching.
4. Actually US is not even democratic country. It is plutocratic country like ancient Greece. Considering that lobbying is legal and political election is much like media business, it is hard not to be plutocracy. So even President Trump can't tank this system. Rich guys would do their job effectively.


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