American King

 When i see Trump, he reminds me that there has been no king in US history. Actually, US is the only western country which never had a king, except Australia. In this perspective, Trump is a kind of anti-king. He never behaves with dignity, has no respect which are necessary to be a royal class. He is only practical, economical. Like his language. He only uses the elementary school level words, but uses it persuasively.
 This kind of president may seem very awkward, and ugly, but practical. He is like a skeleton without any flesh. And i think his world view is correct in many parts. Though he acts like a child toward the press and other races, he definitely understand real world political economics. China actually raped US. US or any other countries all have faced the huge trade barrier officially, and unofficially. But Chinese products have had full access of free trade to the world. In addition, there has been government scale sabotage toward the foreign companies in China so that Chinese companies can acquire their technologies much easily. We thought China also loved us, but it was just a secret crush.
 I guess the reason why this kind of tragedy happened is that nobody understands who the Chinese are. I think there has been no president of US who has real Chinese friend, not Chinese American. But Trump had dealt with many Chinese counterparts while running his business. In addition, one of the General i admire, Mattis, thinks China tries to reconstruct its old empire, Ming, to colonize other adjacent countries. The fact he found is that Chinese are still living in 18th century. Until 18th century, Chinese thought they are living in the center of the world, and they are superior people than any others. So for them, any kinds of relationship with other countries were unilateral. And basically, China is not a democratic states, so if the government want to stay the way it was, they should. This explanation can also applies to Russia. Even Japan shares the same situation in that there has been no democratic move in Japanese history. Even after Fukushima, Japanese people never protests for the government to react more actively on that issue. The fact is, Japan started to increase the nuclear power plant. So all the countries in north-east Asia is still living in the custom of past, except for Korea and Taiwan. Korea is actaually the only country that went through severe pro-democracy moves, changed the dictators and made western-style democratic state with their own hand.
 So Trump may have problem in his personal sanity, but in terms of his job, he knows what he is doing. And he is achieving his goal in a very anti-royal way.


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